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El proyecto de este año es el de habilitar un pozo de agua potable en Tatale, Ghana. Gracias a todos el curso pasado conseguimos nuestro objetivo. Este año también lo conseguiremos con la ayuda de todos.
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The northern region of Ghana is one of the 3 poorest regions in the country. It located in the northern geographical section of the country and it has Savanna vegetation. There is one rainy season annually. It is exceptionally dry and with desert conditions. Temperatures are extremely high compared to the national average – sometimes up to 40 oC. The northern region is Muslim dominated area with majority of the people being Muslims. Tatale area has significant catholic population relative to the other parts of the region. Tatale is located at the eastern part of the northern region close to the Togo border and is surrounding by more than 40 villages which population ranges from 3,000 and 7,000. Villages are headed by tribal chiefs who are ancestrial land owners. Tatale is part of Tatale-Sangui district. It is under the catholic diocese of Yendi. Tatale is currently peaceful but has suffered tribal clashes. Sometimes there are some clashes that led by tribal discrepancies and unsettled disputes. The villages primarily depend on stream water for their needs and construction of borehole provides the only source of portable water for the villages and settlements. During dry seasons, access to water is hampered by the drying up of the streams and children cannot attend school but rather use their time to trek long distance in search Register Nr. Recieved: Approved: Títle in country Procure language: Amount approved: Authorized signature: N.B. Space reserved to Procure PROJECT APPLICATION FORM 2 of what is obviously unclean water. Due to the dryness of the area, water, especially, portable water is a huge problem. The people depend on streams and rivers for their water needs. These water sources dry up during the drying season creating a huge water crisis. Some of the villagers walk as far as 7KM to get access to dirty water. Tatale Mission Currently, there are 6 Salesians working in Tatale mission, taking care of 35 villages in pastoral care, oratories and basic services under primary evangelization

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